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Young Carers

Types of support available

The young carers service provided by York Carers Centre supports young people aged 5 to 18 years who are helping to look after someone at home. You might be helping look after a brother or sister, parent or grandparent with an illness, disability, mental health problem or a problem with alcohol/ drugs.

Youth groups

Youth groups, just for young carers! Young carers are split into groups with others who are the same age where you can play games, make things, bake things, sit around, relax and just have some fun!


There are lots of trips and events for young carers to attend. They are usually in the school holidays but can sometimes be on evenings or weekends. The events are a chance for young carers to have a break from their caring role, meet some other new young carers and to try out new things and places.

One to ones

York Carers Centre offers one to one support to those young carers who are going through an especially tough time with their caring role. It’s a chance to talk through any problems and find ways of making things better.

School Drop-in

York Carers Centre holds lunch time drop in sessions at some schools. It’s a chance to catch up with staff and the other young carers at your school. If you are a school who would like to hold a drop in, please contact York Carers Centre.

Discount Card

When you register with York Carers Centre as a young carer you will get a discount card.

Carers Emergency Card

If you support someone who is over 18 you may also be able to get a Carers Emergency Card

Young Carers Revolution

Young Carers Revolution (YCR) provides empowerment and influence to young carers and young adult carers (5 to 25 years) in York. Its purpose is to proactively influence services provided by statutory and third sector organisations. Although administered by York Carers Centre the group  is run by young carers, and young carers decide what projects to focus on.

YCR is open to all young carers and young adult carers living in York. It is run by a team of volunteers and supported by York Carers Centre.

YCR has been around since 2009, and started their journey with an award winning media campaign, including a film that has been shown in every secondary school in York.

See the film here.

Since then YCR have gone on to develop a play which toured primary and secondary school in York and Darlington, educating children and young people about young carer issues. See the film on the YCR Youtube channel.


In January 2017 YCR created a new film titled ‘One day any day’ and gives an idea of a day in the life of a young carer. The film can be viewed on their Youtube channel, and to know more about how the film was made see 

York Carers Strategy

The strategy for York Carers 2019-2024 has been written by the Carers Strategy Group. This a group of people from health and social care organisations, including the council and healthcare professionals, charities, families and carers themselves. The strategy details how York would like to see the lives of Carers improved in the coming years.


Download a copy of the York Carers strategy 2019 - 2024.pdf


Supporting Action Plans detailing how the goals of the Strategy aim to be achieved and by whom have been written and are based around the following three themes:

  • THEME 1: I recognise myself as a carer, as do others, and I know who to turn to when I need help.
  • THEME 2: I am supported in my caring role, and am able to live a life of my own.
  • THEME 3: My voice is heard, and my feedback makes a genuine difference.


Copies of the Action Plans can be obtained by request by emailing

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