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Carers Assessments

Who is eligible?

A Carer’s Needs Assessment concentrates on the needs of the carer and the support needed to continue in their caring role. It looks at how caring impacts on the carer’s wellbeing and if they are willing and able to continue caring. The Care Act 2014 gives carers the same recognition as the person they care for.

All carers are able to have an assessment of their needs regardless of their financial means or the level of support they provide. If the person who is being cared of does not want an assessment in their own right, the carer can still have an assessment of their needs.


A carer's assessment looks at your caring situation and checks that your needs are taken into account. It helps to identify the physical, emotional and practical impact that caring has on your life. You'll be asked about the kind of support the person you care for needs, and what help you might need to provide it, as well as how to look after your own health and wellbeing

How to request a Carers Assessment

  • By contacting York Carers Centre on 01904 715490 or emailing
  • If the person you care for has a social worker, or other professional, they may request one on your behalf, or do this with you. This will always be with your knowledge.
  • You can complete your own self assessment using the guidance and form available on York Carers Centre website

Once a request as been received someone will contact you to discuss your preferences for how you would like to have your assessment. Your carers assessment may be completed with a Carers Support Worker from either York Carers Centre or City of York Council. If the person you care for is having a social care assessment, your carers assessment may be done at the same time with the social worker you already know. This can be carried out at a place of your choice such as in your home, at a community venue or in our offices at either City of York Council or York Carers Centre. It is free and confidential.

  • If you are a parent carer, you can ask for a carers assessment by contacting your child’s social worker or the Children’s Advice and Assessment Service as below.
    If you are a young carer (under 18 years), you can ask for a carers assessment by contacting either York Carers Centre or the Children’s Advice and Assessment Service on 01904 551900 or emailing

How to prepare for a Carers Assessment

When preparing for a Carer's Needs Assessment it is important to consider the following:

  • The effect of caring on your emotional wellbeing
  • Whether your health is affected in any way by caring
  • Whether you are able to get out and about
  • Whether caring allows you any time for yourself
  • Any effect of caring on your other relationships or responsibilities
  • Whether you want or need information about benefits
  • Whether you are worried you may have to give up work or education
  • Whether the person you care for is getting enough help and the right kind of help
  • What your goals and aspirations are outside of caring
  • Any cultural, spiritual, lifestyle or other needs you may have.

Last reviewed: 08/10/2019

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