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Deferred Payment Scheme

Deferred Payment Scheme

If you have been assessed as eligible to receive care in a care home setting and have savings below the upper threshold of £23,250 and own a property you may be eligible for a Deferred Payment Agreement. This is an agreement between you and the Council that is designed to help you if you are unable to access your money due to it being tied up in your property.

12 week property disregard

What is the 12 week property disregard?

You may also be entitled to a 12 week property disregard if you are entering care for the first time and the Council has assessed you as being eligible to receive care in a care home.

You will not be entitled to the 12 week property disregard if you are already in a care home when your capital drops below the upper threshold of £23,250.

For more information please refer to City of York Councils website leaflets “paying for care and support” and “Choice of accommodation and top up arrangements.” and web page “residential care – the 12 week property disregard and deferred payments “.

Third party top ups

What are third party top ups?

If you do become eligible for financial assistance from the council to meet your care costs, the Council will ensure that your eligible needs are met.

If you choose a home that will not accept City of York Council rates at the point whereby you or your relative may be eligible for financial support (when your savings drop to £23,250.00) then you will need to give consideration to third party payments.

 If City of York Council assess you as being financially eligible and a Supported Self Assessment determines you are eligible for a residential or nursing placement, a third party contribution will need to be paid to cover the extra cost of the placement.

If the placement is for you then neither you nor your spouse will be able to pay the third party top up.

What happens if I have no one available to pay the top up?

If there is no one available who can pay a third party top up then you may need to consider looking for an alternative home that does accept City of York Council rates.

Some homes are willing to accept City of York Council rates once funds drop to the £23,250 threshold but it is recommended that you have that specific conversation with the home when determining which home is suitable for you as this will avoid the possibility of a move later on.

Whoever is paying the top-up will need to sign a written agreement that they are willing and able to meet the difference in cost and will continue to do so throughout your stay. Prior to signing the agreement, the person paying the top-up will have to satisfy the Council that they can afford the weekly top up amount (the financial circumstances questionnaire asks for details of their assets and liabilities, as well as their income and expenditure). If the person paying the top-up cannot satisfy the Council that they will be able to afford the top up for the likely duration of your stay, the Council will not agree to arrange care and support in the preferred accommodation.

  • The person paying the top-up should be aware that the top-up amount may vary as providers review their fee levels.
  • If the person paying the top-up is unable to continue to pay the difference you may have to move to another room within the accommodation or to another accommodation that charges fees

Any move to other accommodation will only happen after a Social Care Assessment of your needs has been undertaken to make sure that other accommodation is right for you.

Can I avoid paying for care?

It is against the law to intentionally give away or decrease your savings or property (your assets) in order to avoid paying your care fees. Local authorities will only fund care after a thorough financial assessment and they can refuse to fund care if they believe that “deprivation of assets” has occurred. 

More information can be found on pages 375-378 of the Care and Support Statutory Guidance issued under the Care Act 2014.

Last reviewed: 18/04/2018

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