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Shopping for People with Specific Needs

General Information

The City of York Council website provides a list of all the Public Toilets in York including a map of where they are located.
The City of York Council website provides a list of all the Car Parks in York including a map of where they are located.

We Care Project

We Care is a North Yorkshire Police scheme designed to support anyone who is vulnerable and needs some help and assistance when they are out and about in York.

The scheme has been designed, with the support of York People First, to enable people to go out into their community and live their lives, but at the same time feel a bit safer and secure.

It also provides important information to the police about a scheme member, so if they ever need to dial 999 or 101, the police are aware of any special needs the caller has and can assist them and provide a level of service in line with their requirements.

Safe Places

Safe Places York supports vulnerable people to feel safe and secure in the city centre

Safe Places are located in open and accessible public buildings, like information centres, cafes, shops and museums. They provide a welcoming, safe and supportive space if someone doesn’t feel safe or secure needs to ask for help while out and about in York.

Local people can sign up for a Safe Place card under the scheme. The card includes the details of someone they trust who can be contacted if they need help. If that person is lost, confused, unwell, or feels unsafe for any reason, they can look for the nationally recognised Safe Place logo and go inside for support during opening hours.

JAM Card - Just A Minute

The JAM card can be used by anyone with a learning disability or communication barrier. It offers the user ‘Just A Minute’ with everyday interactions when out in public.

Virgin Trains has become the first travel company outside of Northern Ireland to introduce this ground-breaking initiative for people with communication barriers.

Anyone with a JAM card can present it to Virgin Trains staff to let them know they have a communication barrier which could be a result of number of factors including autism or a learning difficulty.

The JAM card scheme has been introduced across Virgin Trains routes and follows Virgin Trains’ recent industry-first initiative with Amazon which allows customers with disabilities to book JourneyCare through Alexa. In the style of a credit card, it will help customers discreetly make staff aware of their condition.

To find out more and/or get a card:



On the Access Able website you'll find detailed access information for shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, railway stations, hotels, universities, the hospital and more. 

Established over 14 years ago, Disabled Go’s mission is to maximise independence and choice for disabled people in accessing their local area and the places you want to visit.

Assistance with Mobility


What is Shopmobility’s offer?

Shopmobility is a Registered Charity which hires out electric scooters, wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs to anybody who needs one to enable them to enjoy the shops and attractions of the City of York.

  • Whatever your age or walking disability
  • Blue Badge not needed
  • Low daily hire charge
  • Enjoy York's shops and attractions
  • Longer hire term available

Shopmobility is independent of the City of York Council and other Shopmobility schemes operating elsewhere.

Where is Shopmobility in York?

The Shopmobility Centre is located on Level 2, Piccadilly Car Park above Primark and Boots the Chemist in the Coppergate Centre, which is in the centre of York. The Centre can be accessed by car, Park & Ride or by train.

Visit the Shopmobility website for more information on:

  • How shopmobility works
  • Who can use the scheme
  • Are they easy to drive?
  • Where can I go?
  • Where do I park it?
  • Charges
  • Membership

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