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The way we communicate is changing.

Our old telephone lines are being replaced with a digital network. This means a more reliable, future proof service that will support the UK and its residents for years to come. It will affect anything that sends a signal through the old line from personal alarm buttons to old-style home telephones.

This could could include:

  • a personal telecare product?
  • a lifeline or community alarm?
  • a personal alarm button?
  • a portable ECG or oxygen monitor?
  • a fall alarm or use motion detectors?
  • a traditional landline telephone?

Anyone with these services should check if the #DigitalSwitchover will affect them, so their service isn’t disrupted. Find out what you, your family and neighbours need to do to be ready www.gov.uk/guidance/uk-transition-from-analogue-to-digital-landlines 

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