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Young Adult Carers

What is a Young Adult Carer?

Are you 18 to 25?

Do you help to look after a parent, sibling, partner, grandparent or other relative who…

  • has a disability
  • is frail or elderly
  • has mental ill health
  • has drug or alcohol issues
  • has an ongoing illness, or
  • similar problem?

Do you...

  • worry about them
  • ever feel alone with no one to talk to
  • feel that you need information or support
  • organise or attend appointments
  • deal with medication, pay bills or sort paperwork
  • provide personal care
  • cook or clean for them
  • help with younger children, or
  • support them in other ways?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you may be a young adult carer.

Types of support

York Carers Centre can offer you

  • Events – Day trips out and evening social activities to give you a break from your caring role and an opportunity to meet other young adult carers
  • One to one support – a chance to have a chat, let off some steam and get any advice and support you need in relation to your caring role
  • Opportunities to get your voice heard – A chance to speak about the issues that affect you as a carer through forums like the Young Carers Revolution. This is your opportunity to let those in power know what needs to be changed in order to make a real difference to carers. 

York Carers Centre  also offer

      • Carers Emergency Card – a card you can carry with you so you don’t have to worry about what will happen to the person you look after if you have an emergency situation.
      • Discounts at businesses in York
      • Employment, education and training advice – for example, help to develop your CV.

York Carers Strategy

The strategy for York Carers 2019-2024 has been written by the Carers Strategy Group. This a group of people from health and social care organisations, including the council and healthcare professionals, charities, families and carers themselves. The strategy details how York would like to see the lives of Carers improved in the coming years.


Download a copy of the York Carers strategy 2019 - 2024.pdf


Supporting Action Plans detailing how the goals of the Strategy aim to be achieved and by whom have been written and are based around the following three themes:

  • THEME 1: I recognise myself as a carer, as do others, and I know who to turn to when I need help.
  • THEME 2: I am supported in my caring role, and am able to live a life of my own.
  • THEME 3: My voice is heard, and my feedback makes a genuine difference.


Copies of the Action Plans can be obtained by request by emailing

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