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Self Funders

What is a self-funder?

A “self-funder” is a term used by adult social care to talk about a person who pays for the total cost of their social care and support. If you are a self-funder this may be because:

  • you have capital in excess of the higher capital limit of £23,250 (subject to change).


  • you have chosen not to approach the council’s adult social care teams.
  • you have chosen not to be financially assessed by the council.
  • your care needs have been assessed but you are not currently eligible for adult social care services to be provided by the council.

Support from the council for self-funders

As a self-funder, you are able to get information, advice and support around achieving your social care outcomes. This may be by talking to adult social care over the phone or by having a face to face conversation with social care staff. You are also able to access welfare benefits advice and a financial assessment.

As you are not entitled to local authority funding, you may want to organise support that meets your care and support outcomes on a private basis. See arranging your own care and support section.

If you have eligible social care outcomes and need support to live independently at home, the council can organise and commission this for you. However, you will have to pay the full cost of this support and there may also be also a self-funder administrative charge. For further information please visit the paying for care and support section. For a variety of information about self-funding visit the self-funding section on Live Well York.

Last reviewed: 22/10/2019

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