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Care and Support at Home

Care and Support

You may need some longer term support to help you remain as independent as possible. You can contact adult social care and arrange to talk to a member of social care staff about what you may like, who can help you to achieve this and how this could be organised. They will often talk to you about community led support options that may be able to meet your outcomes and may mean that you do not require care to be organised by the council.

If the support that you require is not available, either in the community, or through your own networks and resources, the council can help you to organise this. You may need to pay for this support.  Please see the sections on paying for care and support which will help explain how funding for social care works. If you would like financial support from the council, you will need to be assessed as eligible, under the Care Act, for care and support. If you have already organised your own support we cannot guarantee that we will be able to support you at the same level. Please contact us if you would like further advice. There are several different types of support available.

Types of Support at Home

For short term support at home, please see the short term support section.

Personal assistant -You may want to employ a personal assistant (PA) to work with you around daily activities. For example, they could support you with personal care, managing correspondence and/or accessing your community. You would become an employer and the adult social care team can signpost you to organisations in York that can help you with this role. Your PA may be someone you know (not usually someone you live with) or you could be supported to find and recruit your own PA

For a list of organisations who can support, please go to: Direct Payments - List of advice and support service providers

Home Care -You may want to employ a care agency to support you to live at home. Care agencies usually support with activities such as getting washed, dressed, medications and meal preparation or planning.

Support agency - There are other organisations that have their own support workers and you may want to work with them. These workers can support you in a similar way to a personal assistant.

For the latest list of care and support agencies please search the Live Well York services and products directory for Home Care.

Community Support

You may want to attend a regular club, activity or to give you some more social contact or give your carer a break. Alternatively, you may want someone from the local community to visit you regularly at home. For more information on activities in your area please look at this Community Activities Directory, contact adult social care or see the adult social care team at one of the Talking Points.

Work, Training, Education and Volunteering

You may need some support around accessing or maintaining employment and education. For more information on opportunities and support organisations please look at this website, contact adult social care or see the adult social care team at one of the Talking Points.

Other support

When you meet with your worker you may come up with some other ideas about how you can be supported and they can help you to plan and organise this.

Care Quality Commission

Most care providers are inspected by the Care Quality Commission and further information can be found on their website, . They can be contacted on telephone number 03000 616161.  Whilst the Care Quality Commission have a responsibility to inspect providers of care, City of York Council are the lead agency in respect of any safeguarding concerns you or a relative may have.

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