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Age Friendly York

Making York 'Age-friendly'

The City of York Council are working alongside citizens, community groups, businesses, councillors and the voluntary sector to achieve 'Age friendly' status, using World Health Organisation 'Age-friendly statements' . This list helps us to check how we're currently performing against what we want to achieve.

We're focusing on certain aspects of living in York as an older person, including:

  • getting out and about
  • your time
  • your access to information
  • your service
  • your home

If you would like to be involved in making York more Age-friendly then please contact Carl Wain:

Further information can also be found on the City of York Council's Age Friendly York page. This includes the Age Friendly York Action Plan and the Baseline Assessments discussed in the podcast below.

We will be developing a range of podcasts to explain what initiatives we are working on and what progress has been achieved. Our first podcast is an overview of what Age Friendly York is all about.


1. Carl talks about the ideas behind Age Friendly York, the World Health Organisation, and partnering with other organisations:





Last updated: 26/03/2024

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